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Automatically pasting 
Paste when caret position is got 
Reverse action when selected while pressing the Alt keyWhen Auto-Paste is enabled, you can disable Auto-Paste by holding down the Alt key and selecting it.
If Auto-Paste is disabled, you can enable Auto-Paste by holding down the Alt key and selecting it.
Do not send Alt key upCheck if there are any problems.
Display the current clipboard in a tooltip in the task tray 
Waiting time when automatically pastingIf the auto-paste does not work, please increase this value.
Send key for auto-pastingYou can choose Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert.
If you can’t paste with Ctrl+V, please change it.
At startup of CliborIt is possible to switch to FIFO/LIFO mode or stop the monitoring at startup.
LanguageLanguages can be set.

Main screen

TransparencySet the transparency of the main screen.
Width of the main screen 
Margins at the top and bottom of a row 
Number of letters on each row of the main screen 
Main screen list format
Shortcut key for the main screen 
Hide tabs on the main screen 
Hide pg/page name on the main screen 
Shadow the main screen 
Tab background color is not filled 
Thickness of the border 


FontYou can set the font for the main screen and tooltip and search box, etc.


Encrypt saved files 
Set startup passwordThis password is an encryption key, so it is recommended for security reasons.


Maximum size of text that can be stored in the clipboard history 
Number of clipboard history items saved 
Number of items shown 
The default string between combining for select multiple clipboard histories 
Do not move history to the first row when clipboard history is selected 
Do not move history to the first row when the search result is selected 
Number of items that can be expanded to history for each new line 


Save the clipboard history when exiting Clibor 
Delete the clipboard history when exiting Clibor 
Save clipboard history at fixed intervals 
Backup when saving clipboard history 


When copying a file or folder, store the path to the clipboard history 
Sound when updating the clipboard (Beep sound when it is blank) 
Delay storing in clipboard historyIf the clipboard error occurs in other apps, please set it. For example, it is an error when you copy it in Excel or PDF.
Ignore short clipboard updates 

Set phrase

Number of set phrase that can be stored in one group 
Show “Memo” instead of set phrase 
Backup when saving set phrase 
Do not store to clipboard history when set phrase is selected 

Screen control

Turn the page with mouse wheel 
Turn the page with “PageUp” or “PageDown” keys 
When the focus is on the first or last row, use the up/down keys to turn the page 
Loop the page turn 
Fix the display position of the main screen 
Display the main screen at the caret position 
Turn on/off “Always Show” by double-clicking the tab 
Move the focus to the first row when the screen is displayed 
The state of the search box when the screen is displayed 


Change the tab on the left to “Set phrase” 
Remember tab/page that was last opened 
Also remember the page in another tab 
Not hide the screen when switching between tabs and pages 
Do not switch tabs with mouse over 
Switch with a single click 


Do not show a tooltip when the mouse is over 
Do not show a tooltip when the up and down keys are pressed 
Move the mouse pointer, if there is the mouse pointer on a tooltip 


Number of bytes to be displayed on a tooltip 
Maximum width of tooltip 
The time a tooltip remains visible 
The time until a tooltip is displayed 
Tooltip display format [Clipboard history] 
Tooltip display format [Set phrase] 




Press the Ctrl key twice quickly 
Press the Shift key twice quickly 
Press the Alt key twice quickly 
The interval when pressing twice quickly 


Do not exit FIFO/LIFO mode even if data is lost 
Store to clipboard history in FIFO/LIFO mode 
Duplicate data is also stored 
Use Shift+Insert keys 
Clear the clipboard when data is lost 


Use Migemo searchIt’s for Japanese use only.
Use the old version 
Maximum number of characters in a Mgemo query 

Search box

Display the search box on the main screen 
Search set phrase when the set phrase tab is open 


Do not confirm when deleting clipboard history 
Do not confirm when deleting set phrase 
Do not confirm when deleting all clipboard history 
Count the number of characters, not the number of bytes 
Disable hotkeys when operating a remote desktop
Copied title and URL