Practical use5

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Window to monitor clipboard history

You can set up a window to monitor clipboard updates.

As for the window information, you can specify the class name, the window name, and the path as follows.

It is also possible to specify it from the window list.


It is possible to backup and restore clipboard history and set phrase.
Please note that it is not possible to restore data in a different saving format.

Auto – String formatting

It is possible to automatically format the clipboard.
When a string is copied, it will be formatted and sent to the clipboard.

Back up all of Clibor

It is possible to back up all of Clibor.
The Clibor folder will be saved as a zip file, so please select the destination.
* Please do not include this zip file in your Clibor folder.

Expand to history per new line

Multiple lines of history can be separated by newline.
Here’s an example.

Right click and then click “Expand to history per new line”.

When you do that, it expands to three histories.

Copied title and URL