Basic operation1

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Installation and Startup

First, download Clibor and unzip it to a folder of your choice.

Now all you have to do is run Clibor.exe.

If Smartscreen is launched, click on “More info”.

Clibor is a safe application.
Click on “Run anyway”.
This screen is only displayed for the first time.

This screen will be displayed at the first start-up.
Click on “Start Clibor”.

After startup, it’s in the task tray and automatically monitors the clipboard for updates.

Clibor is in the task tray, but it may be hidden as shown below.

To avoid hiding, drag it as follows.

Create startup shortcut

If you have registered a startup shortcut for Clibor, it will start automatically when you start Windows.
You can register or remove it from the Preferences.

Call the main screen

This is the main screen of Clibor.

Press the Ctrl key twice quickly and it will display.
Of course, you can display it with other hotkeys.

Preferences > hotkey

To display it with the mouse, left-click on the icon in the task tray to display it.

Also, by using startup parameters,
you can call it as you like because you can link it with the mouse gestures of other apps.


Clibor will be terminated at the same time as Windows shutdown, so basically, you can leave it running.
If you want to quit immediately, right-click on the task tray icon and select “Exit”.


Clibor’s icon changes depending on the mode.



When the clipboard monitoring is stopped

The icon flashes when the clipboard is updated.
It is possible to make a sound when you update the clipboard.

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