How to use

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Convert rich text to text

Clibor saves the text clipboard as a history and sends it as text when you use it.
If you copy the rich text in excel as follows, it will be pasted as is when you paste it.

If you want to paste a text, display Clibor once and select History.

FIFO mode per new line

You can switch to FIFO mode for each new line.

For example, copy the following string.

Clipboard history1
Clipboard history2
Clipboard history3

You can immediately switch to FIFO mode.

It’s also useful in the case of Excel.
You can copy multiple cells as follows and put them into FIFO mode for each new line.

Save sentences periodically

Do you ever type a long sentence and need to send or save it?
Have you ever tried to enter something in the middle of the process, but then accidentally closed your browser or froze, and the content you entered disappeared?

In this case, press Ctrl+A to select all strings, then Ctrl+C to copy them and save them to Clibor.
If your entries are lost, you can easily retrieve them from Clibor.

Clibor is useful not only for reusing your clipboard history, but also for saving text just in case.

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