Gestures and hotkeys

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Examples of mouse gestures and hotkeys

You can use other apps to control Clibor with mouse gestures and hotkeys.

Example: Display the main screen of Clibor

“C:Program FilesCliborClibor.exe” /cm

Mouse gestures with CLaunch

Use CLaunch to control Clibor with mouse gestures.
I’ll use CLaunch this time, but you can do it with other apps too!

Pyonkichi's page

Install and launch CLaunch.

First, register Clibor to CLaunch.
Drag and drop the Clibor.exe.

Next, open the properties.

Enter “/cm” in the parameters.

Click on “Mouse direct”.

You can register a mouse gesture.
The following is an example.

The main screen of Clibor can be displayed with mouse gestures.

Hotkeys with CLaunch

Open the CLaunch properties and set a hotkey.

The main screen of Clibor can be displayed with hotkeys.

Hotkeys with AutoHotkey

Use AutoHotkey to control Clibor with hotkeys.
You can download and install the AutoHotkey below.

Free keyboard macro program. Supports hotkeys for keyboard, mouse, and joystick. Can expand abbreviations as you type th...

For example, create a clibor.ahk file. (File name is optional.)
If you write a script like the one below, “Ctrl+1” will show the first group of set group.
Press “Ctrl+2” to display the second group of set phrase.
The “^1” means “Ctrl+1”.

^1::Run, C:cliborClibor.exe /vt 1
^2::Run, C:cliborClibor.exe /vt 2
^3::Run, C:cliborClibor.exe /vt 3
^4::Run, C:cliborClibor.exe /vt 4

Using a batch file

For example, create a test.bat file.
Edit it in a text editor.

C:cliborClibor.exe /cm

You can control Clibor by double-clicking on test.bat.

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