Update history

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ver 2.3.3E

  • Added support for Turkish.
  • Fixed the behavior of incremental search in the search box.
  • Fixed an issue where set phrases could not be saved on the main screen.

ver 2.3.2E

  • Support for hot keys for String formatting.
  • Support for changing the task tray icon when clipboard text auto-formatting is enabled.
  • Added support for addition and subtraction of year, month, date, minute, and second in set phrase date macros.
  • Added support for the date macro in the set phrase FIFO macro.
  • Support for high resolution task tray icons.
  • Fixed a bug that the main screen is displayed when the display zoom rate is changed.
  • Fixed a bug that multiple selections could not be made on the multiple selection screen of the clipboard.
  • Fixed a bug in the task tray icon control.
  • Improved auto-paste function.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

ver 2.3.1E

  • Fixed a bug with up/down buttons in the set phrase edit screen.

ver 2.3.0E

  • Improved performance and stability through source code review
  • Fixed main screen not flickering
  • Changed to “Segoe UI” for screen fonts
    Chinese is “Microsoft YaHei UI”
  • The format of the list on the main screen can now be changed.
  • Fixed display problems and improved rendering on high-resolution monitors
  • Change initial values of settings at first startup
  • Addition of automatic version update check function
  • Disabled host-side Clibor hotkeys during remote desktop operation
  • Changed OS support to Windows 10 or later
  • Changed the right-click menu on the main screen to automatically paste after conversion and formatting.
  • Changed to auto-paste after “Save and send to Clipboard” on the clipboard history edit screen.
  • Change the shortcut key for the right-click menu on the main screen.
  • Fixed not to close the screen after concatenating multiple selections in the clipboard history screen.
  • Fixed data backup/restore screen not closing after restore.
  • Fixed that the Set phrase hotkey does not close the screen when in FIFO mode.
  • Other minor improvements.
  • Fixed a bug in which the password input screen would not focus if a mistake was made.
  • Fixed a bug that caused fonts to become larger depending on the magnification rate of the monitor resolution.
  • Fixed a bug that “Do not move history to the top when clipboard history is selected” setting may not work.
  • Fixed a bug in which the “Screen Display Control: Do nothing with search box when displaying screen” setting did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Remember last opened tab/page” setting did not work.
  • Fixed “FIFO/LIFO: Empty clipboard when data is lost” bug
  • Other minor bug fixes.

ver 2.2.4E

  • Supports Spanish.

ver 2.2.3E

  • Supports Chinese (Simplified).
  • Fixed not to exit if hotkey registration fails at startup.

ver 2.2.2

  • Made other minor corrections.

ver 2.2.1E

  • Changed the default font.

ver 2.2.0E

  • Clibor now supports English.
  • Added startup parameter “xt”.

ver 2.1.2

  • Fixed a bug in which the input area of hotkeys was small depending on the resolution in the editing screen.
  • The selected item will be sent to the clipboard when you press Enter in the search box.
    (in incremental search)
  • Added the setting to make the search box always effective when displaying the screen.
  • Made other minor corrections.

ver 2.1.1

  • Added support for specifying “n days after” and “n days before” in the date macro for set phrases.
  • Fixed the problem of freezing when the magnification rate is different in dual display.

ver 2.1.0

  • Support the pop-up menu by pressing Shift+F10 on the main screen.
  • Added the support for expanding to history for each new line.
  • The URL was changed due to the relocation of the site.
  • Deprecated the Python macro function.
  • Made other minor corrections.

ver 2.0.5

  • Changed the Clibor icon.
  • Added support for high DPI.
  • Added support for testing in the registration of string formatting.
  • Added support for changing the font of the edit screen and menus.
  • Fixed a problem with pasting FIFO in Excel.
  • Made other minor corrections.

ver 2.0.4

  • Added a combination in FIFO/LIFO mode.
  • Turned off the IME on the main screen.
  • Added a setting to add a shadow to the main screen.
  • Added a setting for the thickness of the border of the main screen.
  • Added a setting for the background color of the tab fill.
  • Enabled switching pages using the up/down keys when focusing on the first and last row.
  • Fixed the control when the tab is not displayed.
  • Added help links to some screens.
  • Made other minor corrections.

ver 2.0.3

  • Change API for clipboard monitoring.
  • Larger font on each screen.
  • Fixed to not move the caret when inputting incremental search.
  • Fixed a bug that affects the format of the date of OS.

ver 2.0.2

  • Fixed control over UAC.

ver 2.0.1

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when upgrading.
  • Fixed a bug where the font of the pop-up menu changed.
  • Fixed some processing when saving XML.

ver 2.0.0

  • Changed the maximum number of saved history to 10,000.
  • Change the appearance of each screen.
  • Support hotkeys for set phrase.
  • The “Introduction” screen is displayed at the first start-up.
  • Fixed the set phrase memo input.
  • Supports auto – string formatting startup parameters.
  • Improving the speed of incremental search.
  • Added support for changing the send key to Shift+Insert when auto-pasting.
  • Change the operating environment to win7 or later.
  • Removed the tooltip color setting.
  • Changing the format of saved data
  • Added the support for double-clicking to edit the grid.
  • Change the font of each screen.
  • Build with the latest development tools
  • Fixed a bug in the encryption process.
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