Control with keyboard

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Display the CliborHotkeys can be used to display it.
Selecting a history or set phraseUse the up/down key to select, and then use the Enter key or the shortcut key (1 to 0, a to z) to select.
Turn the pagePress the Enter key without selecting history or set phrase.
You can also change the settings and use the [PageUp] or [PageDown] keys.
Pop-up history and set phrase.
(Popup to edit, search, delete, etc.)
Application key or Shift+F10 key.
Tab switchingUse the left and right keys to switch.
Hide the CliborPress the [Esc] key.

Clipboard History

SearchCtrl + Shift + F

Set phrase

NewCtrl + Shift + N
SearchCtrl + Shift + F


It can be operated with the accelerator key.
For example, OK button: Alt + O

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