It's simple and powerful.
Clipboard history free software.


You can use Clibor to store clipboard history (text).

You can also register frequently used phrases and send them to the clipboard at any time. Clibor has a lot of settings and is highly customizable.


Clipboard history

The operation is simple. After startup, it monitors the clipboard and keeps a history.
By selecting the history, it will be immediately transferred to the clipboard.


You can change the look of Clibor to your liking.

Text formatting

You can format the clipboard history data. You have the flexibility to use regular expressions.

Set phrase

Frequently used words and sentences can be registered as fixed phrases in advance.
As soon as you select a fixed phrase, it will be transferred to the clipboard.


You can copy text in succession and paste it in succession.

Can be customized

Clibor has many items that can be set and is highly customizable.


You can get the color scheme of Clibor.
Why not try a different color?

The main screen of Clibor can be customized flexibly.

(change the thickness of the border, hide tabs, add shadows, etc.)
It becomes a pop-up menu!?

Try using it immediately

You can use it for free.
Let's download it.


If you are satisfied with Clibor, tell everyone about it on Twitter and Facebook, or your blog. 🙂

for Mac

For the Mac version of Clibor, please see below.

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