Clipboard history free software

You can use Clibor to store clipboard history (text).

You can also register frequently used phrases and send them to the clipboard at any time. Clibor has a lot of settings and is highly customizable.

About the Clibor ≫
The color scheme of Clibor is now available!

You can get the color scheme of Clibor.
Why not try a different color?

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Clibor’s main screen

The main screen of Clibor can be customized flexibly.(change the thickness of the border, hide tabs, add shadows, etc.)
It’s also a pop-up menu!?

About the main screen ≫

More useful

Maybe there’s an even more useful use for it!

Clibor’s string formatting allows the use of regex.

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Clibor is free software.
Please check it out.