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The Ultimate Clipboard History Tool.


With Clibor, effortlessly manage your clipboard history (text) and keep your frequently used phrases within easy reach.
Register them once and send them to the clipboard anytime.
Thanks to its extensive settings, Clibor offers unparalleled customizability to fit your workflow perfectly.


Clipboard history

Clibor simplifies your workflow by automatically monitoring and saving your clipboard's history upon startup.
Easily select any item from the history to instantly transfer it back to the clipboard.


Tailor Clibor's appearance to match your style. From altering the color scheme to adjusting the font, you have the freedom to customize Clibor's look to perfectly suit your preferences.

Text formatting

Transform your clipboard content with Clibor's advanced text processing capabilities. Utilize regular expressions for precise formatting and customization, making every piece of text fit your specific requirements.

Set phrase

Streamline your workflow by registering frequently used words and sentences as set phrases. With just a selection, instantly transfer any set phrase to your clipboard, ready for use.


Optimize your copying and pasting workflow with Clibor's FIFO (First In, First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out) options. This feature allows you to paste text in the exact order you copied it, ensuring a seamless and efficient transfer of information.

Highly Customizable

Clibor is designed with customization in mind, featuring a wide array of adjustable settings. From interface aesthetics to functional behaviors, tailor every aspect of Clibor to fit your unique workflow and preferences.


You can freely customize Clibor’s color scheme.

Why not refresh its look with a new color?

Clibor’s main screen offers flexible customization options.

You can change the border thickness, hide tabs, add shadows, and more.

It’s even possible to transform it into a pop-up menu for a sleek appearance!

Start Using It Now It's Free!

Download Clibor today and enhance your productivity at no cost.

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for Mac

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