Practical use1

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Clibor has a lot of settings and is highly customizable.
To open the settings, right-click on Clibor in the task tray and click on Preferences.

In ver 2.3.0, the default values for Clibor settings have been changed.
It is now easier to use without changing the settings.

Display Clibor with hotkeys

By default, you can press Ctrl twice, but you can also set it to any other hotkey.

Preferences > Hotkey

Setting the startup password

It is recommended to set a startup password.
If you set the startup password, the saved file will also be encrypted by the password.

Preferences > General > Data > Encrypt saved files

Tooltip display in the task tray

The contents of the text clipboard can be displayed as tooltips in the task tray.

Preferences > General > Display the current clipboard in a tooltip in the task tray
There are many other settings.

Convenient Use of Auto-Paste

I usually disable the auto-paste setting.
However, there are times when I wish I could paste it automatically. 🙂

In such a case, change the following settings.

Preferences > General > Reverse action when selected while pressing the Alt key

To use it, hold down the Alt key and click (or press Enter) on the history or set phrase when you want to paste it automatically.

Shortcut keys are also supported, so if you want to select the second history, for example, “Alt+2” will automatically paste it.

The same is true if you want to disable it sometimes.

Move the Clibor

The main screen of Clibor can be moved by dragging.

You can move Clibor by left-clicking on the “Clipboard” and “Set phrase” tabs.

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